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Example Story

Imagine real stories from your family using these features.
From everyday stories to world evolution.

Building the ultimate legacy while connecting family, one story at a time.

Info Card

Capture additional information about people, dates, location map and more in the story’s Info Card.invite family to reach out if they need help.

Favourite Stories

Mark stories as favourites for easy future access.

Co-author Stories

Create stories on your own or with co-authors.

Favourite Media

Mark photos and videos as favourites and you’ll be able to view all your favourites in a visuals feed.

Media Comments

Attach family comments to any image or video.

Name People

Name the people who are featured in photos or videos.

Photo Carousel

Create photo carousels to show multiple images, with the option to view in full screen.

Photo Narrations

Record 60-second voice narrations about photos. Saving you time while adding a fun, new and personal dimension to photos.

Voice Recordings

Record audio recordings of up to 20 minutes. Because there is far more to a story than the written words alone… It’s the voice that really captures the moment and preserves the character of the storyteller.

Life Lessons

Create bite-sized Life Lessons that share your hard-earned learnings and subtly invite family to reach out if they need help.

Supporting Family

Encourage your family to seek support in Simirity by connecting your Life Lessons to standardised categories. Users can view all Life Lessons on a page designed to help families support each other through hard times. Here, your family can search for Life Lesson categories that meet their needs, find advice and access the full story to understand the context. And if still in doubt, it’s easy to reach out to the author for help.


Embed photo albums from Google and Flickr or playlists from Spotify.


Share videos with story readers, presented in the context of the story, not isolated on their own.

Attach Documents

Attach documents of relevance to your stories.

Story Comments

Use the story as an opportunity to connect with your family. Share your comments and feedback for the author(s).

What’s Next?

Connect your story to other similar stories or to a Story Tag, so readers can open the ‘What’s next?’ section to find similar stories.

Educate the young with real-world stories in a supportive and safe, family environment

Life's better together