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Interests & Social Life – Story Prompts That Explore Family Passions

Enlighten, entertain and inspire others with stories about your hobbies and passions. From choir singing to deejaying.

Explore these Story Prompts about interests and social life to capture and preserve snapshots of your family doing the things they love.

A family working in their garden.

Most Confident

What do you feel most confident doing?

  • Perhaps it’s a skill you learned over the course of a lifetime or something you jumped into more recently.
  • By sharing with your family, you may be able to help them.
  • You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ – in fact, it can be better if you are just a step or two ahead.
Two old men playing chess in the park.

Free Time

How much time do you have for personal interests?

  • Are you fortunate enough to have ample free time, or is limited time restricting your interests?
A lot of friends gather around a table outside.


What does ‘socialising’ look like in your current lifesyle?

  • Do you have time with people outside of family and work?
  • What do you do together?
  • How often do you socialise?
A beautiful outdoor eating venue.

Dream Night Out

What would your dream social night be?

  • Where would it be?
  • Who would it be there?
  • What would you do?
A young girl looks up at her horse.

Could Write A Book About

What passion or interest of yours could you write a book about?

  • Is there something you’re so interested in that you could write a book about it?
  • What about a book for children, written in simple terms?
The inside of a hot air balloon canopy.

Bucket List

What is still on your bucket list (and what is already ticked off)?

  • Experiences yet to try?
  • Places you would like to visit?
  • Tasks to be ticked off?
An old photo of a boy playing with his Meccano.

Interests From Your Past

What interested you when you were younger?

  • What subjects caught your interest – perhaps you made related projects about them at school or at home?
  • What toys or games were you passionate about?
  • What did you watch on TV that always excited you?
A flying drone.

Evolution of Play

How has ‘playing’ changed over the course of your life?

  • What was ‘play’ for you as a child?
  • What about in your teenage years?
  • As a young adult?
  • And now?
Three people in front of a marquee.


What events would you most like to attend?

  • A music event?
  • A sports event?
  • A festival?
  • Are there shows or events on the things you find interesting?
A football team gathered together for a pep talk.

Sport Interests

How is sport a part of your life?

  • Do you play sport?
  • Do you watch sports?
  • To attend sporting events?
A group of people from a charity that's collecting rubbish from the ocean.

Projects & Initiatives

What charities, projects or initiatives do you feel passionate about?

A choir singing.


What communities, club and groups are you a part of?

A lady doing yoga.

Family Challenges

What challenges or experiments would you enjoy proposing to your family?

  • A fitness or sporting challenge?
  • A learning challenge?

Story Prompt FAQ’s

What is ‘interests and social life’?

‘Interest and social life’ refers to the activities and hobbies you enjoy and the interactions you have with others. Interests encompass a wide range of pursuits, including hobbies, passions, and recreational activities.

What are ‘Story prompts’?

Sometimes it can be hard to get start writing a story. Story Prompts help by providing creative ideas as inspiration. Simirity’s Story Prompts have been designed to ignite discussions in your family and inspire you to ask questions about your family’s past.

How can I use Story Prompts with my family?

Stories don’t have to be written, they can be spoken too. They are designed for both you and your family. As you review the prompts, consider how your parents or a sibling might answer. It you don’t want to write a story down that fine – they can serve as great inspiration for interesting family discussions.

All prompts are built into the Simirity App. Within the app, you can send them to family members as Story Requests. This is a great opportunity to ensure important family stories get discussed and preserved for future generations.


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