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Life Influencers – Story Prompts to Showcase The People Who Shaped Your Life

Who are those special few who, from family and friends to megastars, who have had a big impact on your life?

These life influencer Story Prompts explore the impact others have played in your life.

Old friends.

Best Friends

Who are your best friends and what role have they played in your life?

  • Why were they your best friends?
  • How have they had an impact in your life?
Two elderly ladies.

Longest Friendships

Who are the friends who have known you longest and how is your relationship?

  • Are you still in touch with friends from your childhood?
  • How old is your oldest friendship?
  • How have your relationships with these old friends changed over the years?
Two men in a serious conversation.

Crucial Conversations

Which were the best or most important conversations you have had?

  • It might have been an inspiring conversation that helped you make a decision.
  • Or perhaps the words were hard to hear, but they convinced you to make a change.
  • When did these crucial conversations happen, with whom, and what was said?
A school classroom.


Are there teachers who performed a key role in your education?

  • Was your choice of degree or career path influenced by a teacher or sports coach?
  • What made them special?
  • If you could thank them, what would you say?
A pair of elderly hands.

Important Advice Received

What advice have you received from others that has been important for you?

  • It might have been a part of a larger ongoing conversation, or a throw-away comment that stuck with you.
  • Perhaps they said something without even meaning for it to be advice.
  • How did that advice influence you and change your life?
Several men talking.


In your peer group, who do you admire the most and why?

  • Who are the people in your generation who you find inspiring and why?
  • They might be friends, colleagues or family.
A boy is watching his heroes at a football match.

Day In Their Life

If you could be anyone for the day who would you be?

  • What would you hope to learn or experience on this magical day?
A mother and daughter sharing a blanket by a waterfall.

Big Impact

Who has had a disproportionally big impact on your life?

  • We’re influenced by so many people, but usually there are a handful of people whose impact is far larger.
  • Outside of your family, who are the three people who have had the greatest impact on your life?
Two young girls jumping for joy.

Role Models

Who are your role models?

  • They might be someone you know personally, like a friend or colleague.
  • Or someone famous.
  • Who are they and in what respects are they a role model for you?
  • If you have lots of role models, share the details of your top three.
Two friends sat together looking at nature.

How They Changed You

How have those around you changed your life?

  • In pivotal moments, words or actions from those around us to set us off in a new direction.
  • When you reached a fork in the road, who was there to illuminate a way forward?
  • What problems have others helped you overcome?
  • What did they say or do that make you decide?
Several pets with their owner.


What impact have pets played in your life?

  • Was there a particular pet that you have fond memories of?
  • What was their impact on you?
  • Why are pets an important part of your life?

Dinner With Anyone

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose and why?

An old photo of four good friends.

Thank Someone

If you could thank somebody from the past, who would it be and what would you say?

  • Often, we don’t realise at the time when someone did something really important for us.
  • Later, when we realise the impact, it’s often too late to say thanks.
  • Who did you never get to thank, but would like to?

Story Prompt FAQ’s

What are ‘life influencers’?

‘Life influencers’ are the people who have significantly impacted your life, beliefs, values, and choices. These influencers can come from various areas of life, including personal relationships, education, culture, and media. They play a crucial role in shaping your identity, aspirations, and worldview.

What are ‘Story prompts’?

Sometimes it can be hard to get start writing a story. Story Prompts help by providing creative ideas as inspiration. Simirity’s Story Prompts have been designed to ignite discussions in your family and inspire you to ask questions about your family’s past.

How can I use Story Prompts with my family?

Stories don’t have to be written, they can be spoken too. They are designed for both you and your family. As you review the prompts, consider how your parents or a sibling might answer. It you don’t want to write a story down that fine – they can serve as great inspiration for interesting family discussions.

All prompts are built into the Simirity App. Within the app, you can send them to family members as Story Requests. This is a great opportunity to ensure important family stories get discussed and preserved for future generations.


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