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Treasured Things – Story Prompts That Make Everyday Objects Meaningful

The memories of loved ones and events from their lives can be woven effortlessly into your daily lives. Their stories are bound up in the heirlooms within your home, and merely looking at them reminds you of someone special.

Lose the story, and the ability of heirlooms to connect generations is lost. It downgrades heirlooms to simple objects – no longer a family treasure.

Explore these Story Prompts about treasured things in your family, to inject meaning and memories into everyday objects.

A family heirloom sewing machine.

Family Heirlooms

What are the stories behind your family heirlooms?

  • Who bought, created or treasured these objects?
  • How old are the heirlooms?
  • Where have these objects lived over the years?
  • Whose lives have they been a part of?
  • What have they been used for?
A man looking at a photo he took on his digital camera.

Digital Time-Capsule

What 10 items would you add to your digital ‘time capsule’ for this year?

  • Did you  objects will not be handed down between generations, but they still have meaning.
  • Children’s clothes that no longer fit, old toys and school projects that can’t be kept.
  • A loft clear out, sadly disposing of old knick-knacks and family relics for which you have no space.
  • We dispose of so many things for various reasons, but the stories behind them can be preserved.
An old-fashioned portable stereo.

Pride And Joy

What purchases were your pride and joy when you were young?

  • Did you ever have anything so special that you even took them to bed?!
  • That item of clothing you’d been dreaming about?
  • That record or CD you must have handled a thousand times?
  • Your stereo, your watch, or perhaps your car?
A collection of old postcards, framed.

Sentimental Value

What is of little value to others but means a lot to you?

  • An old Christmas card from a beloved grandparent.
  • A letter from your first boyfriend.
  • A certificate of accomplishment.
  • A sports trophy.
  • A hand-drawn Mother’s Day card from your son.
  • Preserve the stories behind these objects and make something of little monetary worth, priceless.
A wrapped present.

Special Presents

What are the most special presents you have received?

  • A present from your childhood?
  • A coming-of-age gift?
  • A wedding present?
  • A surprise you’ll remember forever?
Fashionable women from the 1960s.

Clothes And Accessories

When looking at old photos, which clothes or accessories are you most fond of?

  • Can you find photos of these treasured items?
  • Why did you love them so?
  • When did you wear or use them?
  • What was the fashion like back then?
  • What was your fashion statement back then?
A nice old car.

Favourite Vehicles

Have cars, motor bikes or even bicycles been important for you?

  • How did you become interested in this type of vehicle?
  • How did you come across yours?
  • What made it so special?
  • What do you think the youth of today would think of it?
Electronic devices.

Daily Life

How do possessions form an important part of your everyday life?

  • Are there everyday objects that you rely on and hate to be without?
  • What makes them such an important part of your life?
  • A story with such details may be unremarkable for today’s readers, but imagine how interesting it will be for family members in 50 or 100 years time…
  • Do you know the treasured objects of your great grandparents? It would be interesting…
The inside of a family home.

Three Things

If you had to evacuate your home what three things would you take and why?

Story Prompt FAQ’s

What is ‘treasured things’?

‘Treasured things’ refers to physical objects that you find valuable. It doesn’t matter if they are worth a lot of money or not, what’s important is that you treasure them. Their value lies in the stories, memories and meaning bound up in the object.

What are ‘Story prompts’?

Sometimes it can be hard to get start writing a story. Story Prompts help by providing creative ideas as inspiration. Simirity’s Story Prompts have been designed to ignite discussions in your family and inspire you to ask questions about your family’s past.

How can I use Story Prompts with my family?

Stories don’t have to be written, they can be spoken too. They are designed for both you and your family. As you review the prompts, consider how your parents or a sibling might answer. It you don’t want to write a story down that fine – they can serve as great inspiration for interesting family discussions.

All prompts are built into the Simirity App. Within the app, you can send them to family members as Story Requests. This is a great opportunity to ensure important family stories get discussed and preserved for future generations.


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