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Ensure your family
feels together, even
when you live apart

Simirity is a private storytelling app that unites your extended family no matter where you are. So you can share life stories today while storing cherished memories for tomorrow.


I especially love the privacy aspect, as I have always had my doubts about sharing more personal stuff on mainstream social media platforms.


From grandparents to toddlers to teens, the app fosters meaningful interactions and shared family connection.


The perfect way to keep everyone in the loop and create a lasting legacy of family stories to look back on.


A streamlined and intuitive user experience centred around sharing family moments, memories, and life lessons.


Social networks trivialise
our most precious relationships.

They only let you share what’s happening “here and now.” And they don’t inspire you to create valuable stories that strengthen family bonds. At the same time, finding old entries and preserving them is difficult, and privacy concerns limit what we share online.

Pie chart illustrating that you only see a small part of what happens in your family

It’s hard missing out on the lives of those we care for

Nurture your family
through authentic

Great for all loving families.

Essential for those living apart.

Nurture your
family relationships
through authentic

Simirity stops the busy-ness of life and social media platforms from stealing away your most treasured moments and memories. By creating a cozy and exclusive space for your extended family – and yours alone.

Completely safe &
completely private

You get complete control over who can access your stories, and we keep your data private on our ad-free platform. 

Share your lives
through multimedia

Use photos, video, voice, and text to share and record rich stories and life lessons that your family can re-experience again and again. 

One place for all
‘family’ things

Don’t lose family stories and photos when you lose family members… Access all your family’s memories in one place – organized with tags and easily searchable.

Keep your family together.
And keep memories forever.

Simirity comes with features to help you narrate, organise, and store memories – as you create your family’s living history. While keeping everyone engaged with the same, stimulating interactions found in social media. Only, in private.

Hangout with your
whole family

From grandparents to toddlers to teens and everyone in between, Simirity’s inclusiveness means that every family member is excited to be here with the people who will laugh with them, cry with them, and honestly feel proud of them.

Profiles filled with stories

Connect when time allows

Media-rich stories

With tags, people & places

Make every family member feel loved

There’s no forgotten Great Aunt Irma or nameless new baby. Every member can create unlimited media-rich stories - which mature into treasured family heirlooms while helping family members get to know each other better.

Story requests from family

Share your Life Lessons

Raise well-grounded and respectful kids

With moments of life as starting points for discussions and the wisdom of the older generation as a backbone of support – your family culture will flourish, creating a framework for the next generation of life-savvy, well-grounded kids.

Stop memories from fading away

Whether it’s family recipes, a child’s journey of milestones, or a patriarch's recorded history – Simirity makes it easy to organise, narrate, and tag your memories, creating a family timeline to revisit – and pass on.

Your visuals feed, with all photos and videos from stories

Relive beautiful times again and again

Simirity’s daily reminders connect you to past events on this date, bringing on nostalgia, lots of laughter and new conversations, and perhaps even inspiring future family events.

Today’s stories, bringing old memories back to life

100% quality time with family.
Zero ads. Forever.

Families don’t bond and open up to each other if they’re distracted by ads – or are busy worrying about data privacy. With Simirity, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a free or paid subscription, your data is 100% private to you. And our platform 100% ad-free. Always.

Make every family member proud
of the legacy you’re building together.

Get started building your family’s living history in minutes with Simirity.

Join for Free

Immediate access, no app to download


Explore the app and create your first story

Invite Family

Add family emails to join you on this journey

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