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Take a walk down memory lane with one of our Experts, and have them create the stories of your life.

Choose between a full storywriting service including media file addition, or assistance as you create your story. Ensuring the highest quality stories to share with your family.

You dictate the pace, from intensive calls for fast progress to leisurely schedules. Optionally involve your whole family, gleaning their insights on your life and shortlisting the stories they would love you to create.

Sometimes it takes two pairs of eyes to see the best moments that embody a character and capture their life. We are your partners in this wonderful venture. Delving back in time, to co-create timeless stories for your children’s, children’s, children.


Simirity Expert

Hourly Packages

After a free introductory call, our Expert will provide you with an itemised work Estimate. Actual work hours required to achieve your goals may vary. We accept projects ranging from 5 hours to 100 hours. Larger projects can be undertaken in multiple smaller sub-projects.

Three typical hourly packages for different size projects have been shown for your reference. Based on your needs, time can be split between video calls and offline story creation work.

Service available to users with Family or Family+ access.
Terms & Conditions

How are meetings with 'experts' organised and conducted?

Typically, you choose the meeting time and duration from available time slots shown in your Expert’s appointment calendar. You can reschedule up to 48 hours ahead of the meeting. The meeting is customised to meet your personal goals, and varies from client to client. Your Expert may ask you to prepare some thoughts on key topics or share media files ahead of a meeting. Meetings can, in some cases, involved additional family members if you would like their contribution.

How many hours will I need with an 'expert'?

This will be discussed in your initial free meeting with your Expert. Your hours will be split between video call time and story creation time. Every hour of video call typically requires at least two to three hours of story creation time and additional time for any updates that may be required.

What control do I have over the 'expert' assigned to me?

Based on your written request for an introductory call, we will try to pair you with an Expert that we feel will best address your needs. For best results and a great experience, we recommend using the same Expert whenever possible. Should you wish to change Expert, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes, subject to Expert availability.

What is the content approval process?

The story is not published until you are entirely satisfied. At any time you can see the latest version of the story within the app. You can share your comments in writing or through a video call. There is no limit to the number of story revisions, but please note that your purchased hours are being used for story revisions.

Can hours be shared between family members?

Yes. Any family members can use your Expert hours, either for their own stories or for interviews where they provide their perspective on stories being written for you. In fact, we recommend getting family involved in your story creation process. Stories are richer for their contribution and it’s a fun family experience.

Getting started

Introductory Call

A 30 minute video call gives us a chance to get to know one another, answer your questions and create an initial story shortlist.

Estimate & Payment

An estimate will be sent summarising our planned work together. If you wish to proceed, an initial hourly package will need to be purchased (as outlined in your Estimate).

Schedule & Prepare

Book your next call and check your emails for any preparatory tasks.

    Introductory Call

    Inspire family to build a story archive that future generations will treasure in your memory

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