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Simirity's Name

'That which is remembered'

The word ‘Simirity‘ was inspired by the Sanskrit word ‘Smriti‘.

Smriti are ancient texts, dating back to 600-200 BC, covering all aspects of life including relationships, politics, ethics, culture, art and society. They were ‘living’ documents, being kept up-to-date by new generations.

The act of writing the texts has meant that unlike the information communicated verbally, the contents of the Smriti have been passed on for over 2,000 years.

Recognising the longevity of the information held in these texts, the word ‘Smriti’ today means ‘that which is remembered’.

Sadly, most families have few insights into the lives of previous generations. Instead of writing, our ancestors communicated their stories verbally, and perhaps left some photos behind. Over time most stories have been lost.

Simirity, like the ancient Smriti, ensures your stories stay alive for future generations. While providing a modern way to communicate stories and build family relationships, even if you live apart.

Save family information, from recipes to real-world stories, so nothing important is ever lost

Life's better together