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Bucket List – Story Prompts That Help Family Dreams Come True

Many amazing experiences can’t happen by chance. They take time, effort, commitment, courage, money and support to bring them to live. Make your hopes for the future come true with clear goals that others can help you achieve.

Explore these Story Prompts about your bucket list to identify meaningful ways to enrich your future. Then, share aspirations with your family to enlist their help in making them come true.

Man stood on top of a mountain, looking down on clouds.

New Experiences

What experiences would you like to try?

  • Perhaps it’s something simple you’ve never tried, like baking your own bread, making a pizza from scratch or star gazing?
  • Maybe it’s technology-based, like trying out VR goggles or driving an electric car?
  • Or it could be a place-related experience, such as attending a music festival.
  • What about entering a competition like the X-Factor?
Two adults playing the piano together.

New Skills or Knowledge

What new skills would you like to learn?

  • Is there a subject that has always fascinated you but you haven’t found the time to learn more?
  • Is there something you would like to be better at or learn from scratch, such as cooking, juggling or playing a musical instrument?
  • Would you enjoy exploring your family’s past by researching your genealogy or performing a DNA test?
The view out of someone's house, as the sun sets.

Revisit The Past

What places from your past would you like to revisit?

  • Are there places you once visited that you like to return to?
  • Perhaps they were so nice you just want to experience them once more.
  • Or maybe something memorable happened there, like a marriage proposal or fun times with your children when they were young?
The legs of runners at the start of a race.

Physical Challenge

What physical or sporting challenges would you like to accomplish?

A dream city to visit.

Cities or Towns

What cities would you like to visit?

  • Which places would you want to see or experience?
  • What time of year would want to go?
Man on a rope, climbing a mountain.

Challenging Goal

What challenges or goals would you like to set yourself?

  • Is there something really extreme that you would like to do?
  • Perhaps a multi-day trek like the Annapurna Circuit?
  • Or is there an achievement you would like to reach, like renovating your home or landscaping your garden?
Two ladies sat talking.

Time With People

Who would you like to spend more time with?

  • Instead of doing something of significance or visiting somewhere, are there people who you would love to see?
  • Old friends and ex-colleagues you haven’t seen for years?
  • Or visit new people, perhaps extended family who you never met but connected with online?
An orchestra playing.

Evenings Out

Which restaurants, nights out, or theatre performances would you like to try?

Happy family, celebrating at dinner.

Family Event

What family or social events would you like to partake in?

  • Where would you like to go?
  • Who would be invited?
Person being brave, about to jump off a hill with a paraglider.

Be Brave…

What activity are you plucking up the courage to do?

  • Paragliding?
  • Sky diving?
  • Skiing or snowboarding?
  • Surfing?
  • Kiteboarding?
A couple having lunch outside their motorhome.

Objects Of Desire

What things would you like to own?

  • Are there purchases that you have always wanted to make?
  • A campervan so you can experience life on the road?
  • A holiday home?
  • The car you always dreamt of?
Colourful coral reef.

Marvel At Nature

What nature spots or natural events would like to enjoy in person?

Woman sat deep in thought.

Belief Upgrade

What belief about yourself would you like to change?

  • Are there beliefs or problems in your life that you really want to address?
  • Can you make it your goal to do whatever it takes to overcome this challenge?
Two ladies holding hands, deep in discussion.


What relationships would you like to mend?

  • Are there people with whom you would like to have a better relationship?
  • Perhaps old wounds need to be healed?
  • Or you simply haven’t spent enough time with them?
Man stood looking out off a bridge.


What contribution do you want to make for others?

  • Savings for your grandchildren’s education?
  • Donations to charity?
  • Helping those in need within your community?

Story Prompt FAQ’s

What is ‘bucket list’ about?

A bucket list refers to a list of experiences or achievements that someone would like to have or accomplish within their lifetime. It’s a tool that encourages people to look ahead and make their aspirations come true.

What are ‘Story prompts’?

Sometimes it can be hard to get start writing a story. Story Prompts help by providing creative ideas as inspiration. Simirity’s Story Prompts have been designed to ignite discussions in your family and inspire you to ask questions about your family’s past.

How can I use Story Prompts with my family?

Stories don’t have to be written, they can be spoken too. They are designed for both you and your family. As you review the prompts, consider how your parents or a sibling might answer. It you don’t want to write a story down that fine – they can serve as great inspiration for interesting family discussions.

All prompts are built into the Simirity App. Within the app, you can send them to family members as Story Requests. This is a great opportunity to ensure important family stories get discussed and preserved for future generations.


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