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Family Life Lessons

Helping new generations learn from the real-life

experiences of siblings, parents and grandparents 

Education begins at home. Our parents taught us so much, and now it’s our turn, as parents, to share honest and valuable life lessons with our children.

In truth, nurturing and helping children is a lifelong venture, and it needn’t just be the parents. And for best results it should involve all family members, so you can pool your experiences into one big collection of family wisdom that best supports those learning.

This hard-fought-for wisdom spans both the good times and the bad. Some Life Lessons won’t be easy, because life isn’t always easy. But thankfully, with good family members sharing genuine wisdom from their life, together you can overcome all difficulties.

LifeSmart Youth

How can we describe these young folk who have learned so much thanks to the love and care of their family? We call them LifeSmart Youth.

They’re more than plain ‘smart’, with skills nurtured through family relationships not school syllabuses. They have spent time learning from grandparents, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. Enjoying ever stronger family bonds as they develop an authentic worldview on life. And if they get into difficulties, they already know who can ask (thankfully, it won’t be a YouTuber).

Your family’s Life Lessons, making them ready for real life.

Secure Life Lessons

How best to share and preserve your family’s Life Lessons, so all ages can access in a private and secure way?

We’re a family business facing this challenge too. Simirity App was custom-built to share family Life Lessons and a whole lot more…


Their data is kept private (like your whole family’s)

No Strangers

Children can only communicate with the family parents allow

Safe Content

Children only see the stories family give them access to


Account information is administered by parents

No Adverts

No links to sites outside of Simirity

No Payments

No option for children to make a payment

Raising LifeSmart Youth

Simirity gives the youth in your family a head start in life.

Family Life Lessons embedded into stories is just the start. Children can create their own media-rich stories. Ask family members for the stories they would like to hear. And much more besides…

With Simirity, children get to learn from their family each and every day.



By opening their eyes to parts of life not normally discussed at school, in books or on TV



By creating their own media rich stories, about whatever interests them

Communication Skills

Through regular interactions with everyone from cousins to grandparents



Through an intimate view into their family’s life experiences

Self Identity

By inviting introspection through story creation and a sense of belonging

Digital Skills

Through exposure to a wide range of digital tools in a child-safe service

Expand Young Minds

Use Simirity as a tool for teaching real-world life skills.

Suggest Stories

Suggest stories they can create that challenge their thinking and technical skills

Ignite Discussions

Refer to published family stories to ignite new and interesting discussions

Challenge Ideas

Explore and debate family stories from all angles to strengthen verbal reasoning skills



I'm no expert, what Life Lessons can I share?

Making mistakes and sharing what you learned is a great way to help others who may follow in your footsteps. We should celebrate and share our downfalls so those who follow can learn from them. This is such a precious gift that every adult has to offer. Show real honesty by sharing mistakes to cultivate a supportive and proactive family culture.

Life will challenge the youth in your family. Let them know they’re not alone with Life Lessons that offer guidance and invite readers to reach out to you in times of need.

What are some example Life Lessons?

It’s easy to take for granted the lessons we learned. They’re often simple insights about things such as relationships, personal growth, health, gratitude, communication, perseverance, teamwork, leadership, mindfulness and many many more. Explore some examples here.

How can sharing Life Lessons strengthen family bonds?

Sharing Life Lessons can strengthen family bonds in a significant way. When family members open up and share their experiences and lessons learned, it can create a deeper connection and sense of unity among them. Through honest and authentic communication, family members can support and encourage each other, knowing that they are united by shared experiences and lessons learned. They’ll feel closer and more connected knowing that they are not alone in their struggles and triumphs. This shared wisdom can lead to a more supportive and cohesive family unit, where relationships are nurtured and strengthened through the lessons of life.

Educate the young with real-world stories in a supportive and safe, family environment

Life's better together