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Your Family Legacy

Ask Yourself

  • What do you want your family legacy to be, and how will you safeguard it for future family members?
  • What are you going to leave behind for your family to treasure forever?
  • How can you help future generations you’ll never meet?
  • What makes a good legacy that members of your family will value?
  • Can you capture your family’s history preserved only in the minds of your family elders, so that too can be passed on to children and grandchildren
  • What is the optimal way to preserve all those precious family memories so new family can connect to their family’s past and will want to continue for subsequent generations?

These big questions are often left unanswered until later in life. If at all. Would you like your legacy to be treated as an afterthought rather than something you actively work towards during your lives? Leaving such important matters to chance may end with disappointment.

Our Beliefs

We believe a legacy is all about how we live our daily lives and the examples we set. Your actions today matter. Choose them well, and they can have an outsized impact on the legacy you leave behind, influencing your family’s attitudes and beliefs for generations to come. The time to start legacy planning is now.

We believe that every family, regardless of financial capabilities, education or background, has an equal chance to create a meaningful and positive legacy. More long-lived than any inherited monetary assets are the stories from our family and the feelings they invoke. This priceless information should live forever, welcoming new generations into a rich family culture, with stories being looked after and added to by each subsequent generation. Creating a sense of family identity and heritage for those who are born into your family, right from the start.

We believe in the enduring and transformative power of stories. They draw us in, shaping and educating us. Religions, businesses, and even countries use stories to convey their messages and keep their set of beliefs alive for newcomers.

First Step to Preserving Your Family Legacy

Now it’s the turn of families. Simirity is a family business, spurred on by our desire to create and take care of our own family legacy through careful planning and storytelling. Read more in our story.

A good first step is to join us and create the ultimate legacy for your family that will last for generations, while enjoying the journey and strengthening your family’s connections.

Everything you need, from story inspiration to life lesson notes, awaits you in Simirity. View app features that help create a lasting legacy that has the power to change lives. Your stories will be saved, in privacy and advert-free, so insights about you, your life and your learnings, will be your gift to future family.

So how do inherited family stories compare to other legacy options? Explore our thoughts on what makes the best legacy.


What exactly is a family legacy?

A family legacy refers to the values, traditions, beliefs, and possessions that are passed down from generation to generation within your family. It encompasses the history, memories, and ideals that define your family as a whole. For example, a family may have a tradition of gathering for a special meal on holidays, passing down recipes and cooking techniques through the generations. This tradition becomes a part of the family legacy, creating a sense of togetherness and shared history. Overall, legacies are a vital part of protecting and honouring a family’s history and traditions. They provide a sense of purpose, belonging, and continuity, helping to strengthen family bonds and create a shared sense of identity.

How can you leave a legacy for your family?

There are various ways to leave a legacy for your family, such as creating a family trust, compiling family photos and memorabilia, and recording personal stories and experiences that can be shared with members of your family. We custom made Simirity App as the ideal way for parents and grandparents to leave a legacy that future family members may treasure.  By making a conscious decision to protect and pass along your family’s legacy, you can ensure that it continues to thrive.

Why should you consider preserving your family history for future generations?

Preserving your family history is essential for maintaining a sense of identity and connection to your roots. By documenting stories, experiences, and accomplishments, you can create a rich tapestry of memories that can be cherished by today’s and tomorrow’s family.

Strengthen your family's identity using stories, and inspire new traditions for future generations

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