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Memorial for Loved Ones

A creative memorial that helps you remember

someone who has passed away

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive with a memorial of media-rich stories, shared privately with your family.

It’s really hard when someone we love dies. Creating stories about deceased loved ones can help process your grief and is a way to pay tribute to their life. Each story becomes a permanent memorial, that reminds you and your family of the good times you shared.

Simirity has everything you need to create hundreds of stories about a loved one’s life. From the milestones in their life, to their favourite recipes and books. Create unlimited stories for free, for all your deceased family members.

All account holders can create stories using text, embedded videos and playlists, linked external photo albums and highlighted Life Lessons. Premium subscribers can also add audio recordings, videos, photos, narrated photos and more.

Choose who sees your memorial stories. Just you, selected family or even friends outside of Simirity.

Memorial Inspiration

It can be hard to know what are the best ways to remember the deceased, but it’s an important part of honouring their memory. Get help using our inspirational questions to find great story ideas.

Story Requests

Missing a story that only others can write to remember a loved one? Send a Story Request to ensure what’s meaningful for you and the family is saved for prosperity, creating a memorial space that honours your loved one who has passed.

Connect in Stories

Regularly reconnect with those who’ve passed away on the Today page, as story anniversaries from their life are woven into your day. They might not be here, but they’re not forgotten.

Create story anytime

Growing over time

There is no rush. Create stories when memories come to you, perhaps in years from now, keeping the memory of a loved one vibrant. This memorial for a loved one grows over time.

Alongside Forever

Unlike isolated web pages that get forgotten, their profile and stories live alongside your whole family, are accessible to all and are inherited by future generations. Providing a perpetual way to honour a loved one who has passed.

Memorial Profile

Reconnect with loved ones any time on their profile page. Read the stories from their life and see them in photos and videos. Learn from their Life Lessons. Listen to any voice recordings uploaded by family.

Getting Started

Having created your own profile and connected with family, follow these steps to create a story memorial for loved ones.

Profile setup

Create their profile and connect to their family members

Authorise Writing

As their administrator, choose who can write stories about them

Unlimited Stories

Create stories and send Story Requests. Keeping their memory alive


What is the best way to honour a loved one through a memorial?

The best way to honour a loved one through a memorial is to choose something that reflects their essence and the impact they had on your life. Whether it’s a physical memorial like a bench or plaque, a symbolic gesture like lighting a candle or wearing memorial jewellery, or by preserving the essence of their life in stories.

How can I keep the memory of my loved one alive?

You can keep the memory of your loved one alive by sharing stories about them, displaying their photos in a memorial space, incorporating their favourite things into your daily life, or creating rituals to honour their memory on special occasions.

What do you write in memory of a dead person?

When you lose someone you love, finding ways to honour the memory of a deceased person can be a healing process. One way to memorialize a loved one who has passed away is by creating a memorial photo album filled with pictures of memories you shared together. Another way is to plant memorial trees in their name or even create a small plaque in their honour. Perhaps your loved one enjoyed music, so you could put together a playlist of their favourite songs as a tribute to your loved one. Sharing the story of your loved one with friends and family members, is a great way to honor their memory. This is made easy with the Simirity App while ensuring the stories are preserved, but alternatively, you can talk with family or put pen to paper and write their stories down.

How do you comfort someone who lost a loved one?

When comforting someone who has lost a loved one, it’s important to offer support and understanding. Encouraging them to memorialize their loved one in creative ways can be a meaningful way to help them through their grief. This can be something as simple as planting a new tree in their loved one’s favourite spot or donating to a charity in their loved one’s memory.

Hosting a memorial event on their birthday where friends and family can share stories and memories is a meaningful way to celebrate their life. Creating a memorial book filled with photos, letters, and mementoes can also provide comfort for those grieving. Reading one of their favourite books or watching their favourite movie can be a way to feel close to them and keep their memory alive. This way to honour your loved one’s memory allows for a way to bring comfort and healing in the midst of loss.

Keep the memory of loved ones alive, with a story legacy that connects generations

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