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Our Community Pledge

Our Vision

We live in a magical time. Our world is evolving at an ever increasing rate. Improving our lives, but creating new problems that require new thinking.

We face many challenges, ranging from climate change to global pandemics. We can only solve them by working together as one world community.

Simirity is committed to building strong communities. Communities that can solve both local and global challenges, together.



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Community Pledge*

10% of sales profits will be allocated to community related investments. So each family subscription strengthens our communities.

Fund usage will be based on four principles:

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Aligned with Vision

Helping create strong communities or helping solve our community challenges.

Direct Involvement

Seeking the best ways to gain maximum impact in the community per $ invested.

Greatest Impact

Where possibile, using our team’s skills, so we can directly help our communities.


Focusing on simple and effective solutions that can be implemented fast.

* Defined in Terms & Conditions

Families Role

Families are the building blocks of our world community.
Simirity provides families with a private environment that encourages:

Supporting each other through life’s challenges

Discussions on how they as a family can make a difference

One family at a time, we can make a difference.

Help your family live their best lives, so they’re best able to help their communities

Life's better together