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Getting Started

Tips and tutorials to help you and your family get started

PDF Introduction Guide

Steps to Family Success

1. Accessing the app

Simirity is a ‘Progressive Web App’ that works in your browser on any device. This makes it easy to access stories on the go with a mobile, or use your desktop keyboard for typing up new stories.

You don’t need to download any app! Simply login from the top menu.

On mobile devices, you will be prompted to add the app to your Home Screen. This will improve usability and enable push notifications so you are up-to-date with the latest family stories.

2. Ideas for stories

There’s a lot more to share than the usual posts shared on social media.

3. Creating your first story

Creating a legacy that echoes through generations begins with a single story, shared by one family member. Could that storyteller be you? See how easy it is to create and publish stories. Then imagine the array of memories you could preserve with the involvement of your family…

TIP: If you’re the first in your family to join, we recommend enabling ‘Share with private link’ on step 3 when publishing your story. This allows you to share your story with family, even before they officially join Simirity. It’s a wonderful way to give them a glimpse of what awaits them on the platform.

4. Adding family

To get the full benefit of Simirity, you’ll need to add your family. You can invite adults to join or create profiles for your children and deceased family members.

TIP: Thinking of introducing your family to Simirity before inviting them to join? Consider downloading and sharing our PDF Introduction Guide. This way they’ll understand how Simirity benefits them before they join.

5. Sending story requests

Do you have untold stories lingering in your family that you would like to explore and discuss?

Story Requests serve as a heartfelt invitation, encouraging family members to share the stories that matter to you and preserve them as part of your family’s heritage.

TIP: If you find that some family members are hesitant to share their stories, sending a Story Request can be a warm encouragement, guiding them with a clear idea to spark their storytelling journey.

6. Subscription options

No Subscription? No Worries! At Simirity, we believe that every family, regardless of their budget, deserves a place to connect and share their stories.

Everyone starts their journey with a Free personal subscription. Explore, discover, and experience what our app has to offer you and your family. This free access is all many families need – allowing you to connect with unlimited family members and share countless stories. However, there is a limit on media uploads, and access to certain parts of the app are restricted.

For families desiring full access and additional media upload capabilities, consider opting for our annual Family or Family+ subscriptions. For a detailed comparison of subscription options, click here. Subscriptions can be bought within the app and then shared with relevant family members.

TIP: Your family’s needs are unique, and our subscriptions are flexible to accommodate that. Choose between a single family subscription, multiple subscriptions, or a blend of free accounts and family subscriptions. And don’t worry, even if you decide to downgrade later, all your stories will remain safely stored and accessible.

7. Sharing Family subscriptions

People added to your family list are NOT automatically given access to your subscription. Just purchased a subscription? Now you need to give relevant family members access. 

Tap on the main menu located at the upper right corner, and select ‘MY SUBSCRIPTION’ and then open the ‘SHARE’ tab. A list of your family contacts will appear. To share your subscription, tick the box adjacent to their names.

NOTE: If you are in a large family you may choose to have multiple subscriptions managed by different individuals. You will all be connected in Simirity, just accessing different subscriptions.

8. Getting help

In the app, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a dedicated ‘NEED HELP’? section tailored to the page you are navigating. Here, information about the features on your current page awaits you.

Should you require further assistance, just locate the ‘CAN WE ASSIST?’ form at the bottom of the help section, and share the details of your issue. Rest assured, we’ll promptly reach out to you via email to resolve your concerns.

For an all-encompassing guide, tap on the main menu located at the upper right corner, and select ‘HELP’. This will unveil a repository of helpful notes, covering a wide array of topics related to all aspects of Simirity.

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